what parents are saying

Excellent course!

'Excellent course! Very helpful and so glad we did the course and have more tools and knowledge to take with us into parenthood.'

Definitely a high value course.

'Definitely a high value course. You could've charged double and I would have felt the value given was worth it.'

Feel privileged to have been taught all this

'We feel very privileged to have been taught all this, as if we have been given a piece to the puzzle of parenting that lots of people are missing without knowing it. We are looking forward to our arrival and being able to understand what is going on and help our baby with our new knowledge. Thank you so much!'

Felt at home

Just felt really welcome and at home, approachable, easy to ask questions, informal atmosphere

Valuable resource

I hope I remember the content when bubs arrives! All the best with your research and growing The Pudding Club. Happy to promote you where I can as I feel it's a valuable resource and gives options to parents.

This course has taken away the fear of being a new parent

We really enjoyed the holistic approach, it made us feel very comfortable. Doing this course has taken away the fear of being a new parent and helped us to feel like everything is going to be OK. We can do this.

Less fear, more confidence

Hoped to feel semi prepared for baby #1 and we definitely do. Less fear, more confidence, and dispelling some of the myths floating around was great.

Felt worth a lot more

Felt worth a lot more than we paid, especially with the BabyCues book included.

Friendly, enjoyable and very informative

Great to be flexible as questions arise. I found it friendly, enjoyable and very informative.

Believe every parent would benefit

Had zero expectations, but learnt a lot and believe every parent of a newborn would benefit from The Pudding Club.

A wealth of Knowledge

'A wealth of knowledge. Thank you so much for everything. We feel much more prepared, less worried and more excited.'

Everything in the course was high quality

'I felt that everything about the course was high quality. The organisation, professionalism, course context and all in a very relaxed atmosphere.'

Very knowledgeable and open to questions

We love everything about this course! Philippa was very professional and also laid back. Very knowledgeable and open to any of our questions. Thank you so much for running this!